Choosing to be TV Free!

I love TV! I feel like writers and avid book readers are always down on TV, but personally, I think TV is great! When I want to unwind after a long day at work, sometimes a good book requires too much thinking. I need something mindless and entertaining, and that isn’t an insult to television at all!

That being said, Netflix (the crack of the entertainment world) offers the option to binge watch hundreds of shows, and before I know it, I’ve spent several hours of my day staring at a TV screen. That’s fine on some days, but when it starts to interfere with reading and writing time, it’s a problem.

So I have instituted “TV-Free days.” Right now, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are the days where I am not allowed to watch any TV. It’s the thought behind the rule that counts more than the rule itself. I need to set aside time to read and write if I’m ever going to be a successful writer. I have stories to write, new books to read, chapters to revise, and posts to blog, and I simply won’t do any of that if I’m lying around watching TV all day.

I started this week, and I was so productive Monday! And frankly, I’ve missed spending hours reading and writing (Over the summer, I went a little Netflix crazy!). I’m hoping to eventually add Sunday, but I’ll have to see how this goes. You have to make time for the things you care about, and I care about reading and writing!


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