My Novel: The First Page

I figured I would give everyone a taste of what my novel is about, so here is the very first page! Enjoy, and feel free to leave feedback!

Arach: The Dragon Saga: “The Lost Prophecy”

Chapter 1: Chosen

Mitchel could tell winter was on its way as he sat polishing his sword outside the Emperor’s castle. It was always cold in the world of Arach these days, but there was a raw bite in the frigid air that signified a change in the season. He was thankful for his thick jacket and the wool lining inside of his black boots. He rubbed an oiled cloth over the steel blade, until the dim sun’s rays made the metal and the red in his auburn hair gleam together. But he kept polishing, lest his hands start trembling again.

There were two paths before him, and only his actions would decide which path he would take. He sighed a little, his ice blue eyes following the cloth down the blade. It would not do to obsess about it too much. He was twenty-one years old, and in those twenty-one years he had learned that fear dulled the mind. He needed to be sharp today.

“If you keep polishing that sword, it’s gonna snap in half.”

Mitchel did not look up. “You sound surprisingly calm, Danial.”

Danial sat down next to him. They were dressed exactly the same, gray jackets, white shirts, black breeches, and black boots. Danial was shorter in stature but broader in his chest and shoulders. He wore his blonde hair cut close to his head, while Mitchel’s was long enough to reveal lose curls. Danial’s eyes were black, but the sharp, battle-hardened expression in them matched Mitchel’s perfectly.

“I think it hasn’t sunk in yet,” he said smiling slightly. “I’ll panic when the time comes. He looked over his shoulder at the palace. “They’re cutting our energy rations.”

Mitchel kept his face expressionless. “Oh?”

“Yep. We can’t use any lights until 8, and from now on, we have to rely on open windows to cool our rooms.”

“We don’t really need air conditioning anyway,” Mitchel said flippantly. “It’s never hot enough for that anymore.”

“True. I’m just glad we still have heat.”

The Emperor had been ordering cutbacks on energy stones even though the winter was probably was going to be the coldest one yet. Mitchel felt bad for the towns on the fringes of the regions. Some of them had not had power for a year. He wondered if they would freeze to death without energy stones to keep them warm.

Pretty soon none of us will have power, Mitchel thought. He looked to his left and saw dark smoke from the nearest energy mine billowing up into the sky. Every month the workers dug deeper and deeper into the earth as they searched for the glowing stones that powered the entire world’s technology. They were running out of stones, and the new ones they found were smaller and held less and less power. For centuries, people had taken the energy stones for granted as a renewable resource, but they had been wrong.

“Oh well,” Danial said with a shrug. “I’m sure the Emperor will come up with something. The Firsts can’t let this continue forever.”

“Of course,” Mitchel said quickly. It was dangerous to discuss the world’s problems for too long without mentioning that the Emperor or the Firsts would eventually find a solution. One never knew who could be listening. A thought occurred to him suddenly. “What do you think we’ll do if the power runs out for good?” he asked.

Danial shrugged again. He had a habit of doing that when something bothered him. “I guess we’ll have to find something else to use for fuel. Either that or we’ll raid the Dragon Realm for energy stones. I hear those lizards are hoarding them.” He snorted. “I hear they eat them.”


(Feel free to leave comments! Don’t be afraid to be mean…I’ll only cry on the inside.)


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