Blog Response: Novel Writing Ideas

This is a response to a post from Writing Forward. The title is How to Develop Your Best Novel Writing Ideas, and I thought it offered some really great advice.

I liked the section, “Get in Touch with Your Passions.” This was important to me because for the longest time, I tried to write a novel about “popular” topics. I wanted to write about dragons, but I was actually ashamed to be “too nerdy.” The post says, “All your past and present obsessions hold the clues to your future obsession with your own novel.” The moment I started writing about what I loved, the words seemed to flow out of me.

A lot of the post focused on flexibility, which I thought was really important. My initial idea for my novel was pretty different from what I actually ended up writing. I’m sure that if I get a literary agent, what I’ve written right now might have to change before it gets published. I need to be patient and flexible with my ideas for this novel, and I also need to be flexible about ideas for future novels.

I also liked that the post talked about generating tons of ideas. I think the saying, “There is no such thing as a bad idea,” is really useful when trying to come up with new ideas. Freewriting tons of ideas down has definitely help me come up with short story topics in the past. I liked the writer’s suggestion about keeping flashcards of ideas. I’m going to start doing that.

How do you generate writing ideas?


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