Why Grammar Matters

As an editor, I am an extreme grammar Nazi. I have to be to do a good job! My family and friends absolutely hate it when I start correcting their grammar whether in person or when they text me. Writers mainly get their work edited by someone else, but I think it helps to know grammar rules even if you aren’t a professional editor.

1. Your manuscripts look more polished.

-I’m not an agent, but it seems like every literary agent I’ve researched wants manuscripts to be error free. Your grammatically correct manuscript might impress an agent so much that he or she will want to publish your book!

2. Your sentences can be more versatile.

-When you know how dependent clauses, independent clauses, and punctuation work, your sentences can have more variety. You can construct beautifully complicated sentences that will definitely impress a reader.

3. Your work won’t take as long to edit.

-I’m a little biased about this part, but there is nothing worse than getting a manuscript from a writer and having to take a ridiculous amount of time to edit it. However, if you have a tight deadline to submit your work, making less grammar mistakes can help shorten the process of writing, editing, and submitting.

I would encourage everyone to brush up on grammar knowledge. My favorite resource is Purdue OWL because it’s easy to navigate, but sometimes when I’m writing I just rely on Google for any odd grammar questions.