Freelancing: TV Recaps

Yesterday I wrote a review for the new TV show How to Get Away With Murder. It was a lot of fun, and it was my first real stab at freelance writing. I love talking about TV, so I figured writing about it would come naturally to me. I found it really easy to talk about the show in a way that sounded authentically me.

The process involved one hour of watching the show and two hours of writing the recap. I hope to cut down on the writing time in the future, but there was a lot of information to include because it was the first episode. I found it helpful to take notes as I watched the show. They were mainly random reactions I had to events in the show, but it was a good way to keep track of everything that happened.

Whenever I have a word-count limit, I try to ignore it when I’m writing the first draft. First I write the review as if I have no word count, and then I work on cutting and deleting things until it’s an appropriate length. I think that’s easier that writing with a limit already in mind.

Let me know what you think, especially if you watched it!

The Riveter Recap: How to Get Away With Murder Season 1, Pilot