menycMy name is Andrea Braxton, and I am a writer.

This sounds like the beginning of an AA meeting, I know, but it’s basically the theme for this blog. I have tried several blogs in the past, but none of them had a clear enough focus. I tried blogging about TV, movies, books, and I even had one of those blogs that was just about my life (ugh). 

This blog, however, has ONE focus: writing. I have been coming up with stories ever since I can remember, and I believe (sincerely hope) that they are good enough to eventually be published. I have written tons of short stories from creative writing classes in college, and I’ve even written a novel. It’s a fantasy novel about dragons (nerd alert!), and I’m pretty proud of it. At the moment, I’m looking to get it published, but I also want to start putting my shorter works out there.

It’s weird being on the other side of the publishing business as well. I work as an editorial assistant for an educational publishing company in Baltimore, so I’m in the strange position of editing writers’ work as I try to get my own work out there.

I am an extreme novice at the publishing game, so if you came to this blog for advice on getting your own work out there, you’ve come to the wrong place. Maybe check back here in a couple of years :). But if you want to sample my writing, read about my own publishing journey, and get a glimpse into the randomness that is my writer’s brain, welcome!